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The study of hearing disorders and the rehabilitation of persons with hearing impairments.


  • Comprehensive audiologic evaluation with diagnostic hearing testing including central auditory function tests.
  • Hearing tests and rehabilitative services for individuals of all ages.
  • Hearing conservation program conducted according to OSHA guidelines and including:
    • Baseline audiometry.
    • Serial audiograms.
    • Threshold shift monitoring.
    • Hearing history questionnaire.
    • Customized ear protection fabrication and measurement.
    • Ear inspection
    • Medical referrals available when infection, wax or medical problems exist.
    • Noise counseling for occupational and recreational noise exposure.
  • Multi-line hearing instrument dispensing, fitting and follow-up. The hearing aids are multichannel and computer programmable hearing instruments including digitally programmable hearing aids. StarkeyTM, GN ResoundTM, Sonic InnovationTM, MicrotechTM, SiemensTM, OticonTM.
  • Analysis and cleaning of hearing aids.
  • Computer monitoring of hearing aid performances.
  • Hearing aid batteries, ear molds, hearing aid repair; service and supplies.
  • Dizziness evaluation.
  • Otoacoustic Emission Testing: analysis of cochlear hair cell health.
  • Home Care hearing aid maintenance checks for homebound patients.
  • Educational presentations are available for individuals or groups.
Jason Howe
Jason R. Howe, MS, FAAA, CCC-A Clinical Audiologist