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Demystifying Palliative Care


In recent years, the number of cases of people suffering from chronic illnesses has started to increase. Scientists and medical researchers offer up a variety …more…

Annual Visit Mammograms for Breast Cancer Prevention


We’ve all heard the stories about women changing their healthcare plans in the wake of COVID-19. Most prominently, women seem to be skipping their annual …more…

Strong Relationships Keep Yankton Rheumatologist Close to Home


Rheumatologist Leann Bassing has strong ties to Yankton, having grown up in the community of 15,000; she even chose to return to her hometown to practice at Yankton …more…

Common Sports-Related Injuries And What To Do About Them


If you’re the parent of an athlete, you probably know the fear and stress that results when your child experiences a sports-related injury. Whether it’s …more…

New Non-Surgical Treatment for Dupuytren’s Contracture is Helping Patients


You use your hands every day. So, it can be quite alarming when you start to feel pain and discomfort or find your fingers curling …more…

High-Level Spine Care with a Hometown Touch


For orthopedic surgeon Brent Adams, M.D., practicing medicine in Yankton was a natural choice. Adams, who has been with Yankton Medical Clinic since 2013, grew up in the …more…

Why Annual Check-Ups are Important


Gradually, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, life is starting to return to normal. Businesses that have been closed are opening their doors once …more…

Supporting Patients And Providers From A Distance


In May, MED Mag did a follow-up article with Dr. Sedlacek, our board-certified palliative medicine specialist at Yankton Medical Clinic, which highlights the importance of …more…

Care Beyond Healing


Dr. Sedlacek, our board-certified palliative medicine specialist at Yankton Medical Clinic, was featured on the cover of the April/May issue of MED Magazine sharing her …more…

How to Identify Hearing Loss


Are you having problems hearing? You’re not alone. Over 31 million Americans have been diagnosed with hearing loss. Millions more likely go undiagnosed. Sufferers may …more…

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