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Why Annual Check-Ups are Important


Gradually, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, life is starting to return to normal. Businesses that have been closed are opening their doors once …more…

Supporting Patients And Providers From A Distance


In May, MED Mag did a follow-up article with Dr. Sedlacek, our board-certified palliative medicine specialist at Yankton Medical Clinic, which highlights the importance of …more…

Care Beyond Healing


Dr. Sedlacek, our board-certified palliative medicine specialist at Yankton Medical Clinic, was featured on the cover of the April/May issue of MED Magazine sharing her …more…

How to Identify Hearing Loss


Are you having problems hearing? You’re not alone. Over 31 million Americans have been diagnosed with hearing loss. Millions more likely go undiagnosed. Sufferers may …more…

New and Improved Experience: Yankton Medical Clinic’s Newly Designed Website


Yankton Medical Clinic is proud to announce a newly-designed website! Our team at Yankton Medical Clinic prioritizes being patient-minded, and our new website exemplifies our …more…

The Importance of Annual Exams for Children & Teenagers


Annual well checks keep your child on track with their vaccinations and help assess their physical development and are critical for helping keep your children …more…

Finding Relief: Destigmatizing and Treating IBS


It isn’t the most fun or comfortable thing to talk about, but irritable bowel syndrome is one of the most common gastrointestinal disorder amongst Americans. …more…

The Importance of Well Checks: Ages 0-4


As an adult, you probably don’t visit your care provider as often as you would like. Life is busy so it can be difficult to …more…

Heart Attacks: How to Handle the Unexpected


For most people who suffer a heart attack, it happens unexpectedly during the most routine or normal times. It might happen to them during the …more…

Four Steps to Slow the Spread of COVID-19


The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed.  We all play a part in slowing the spread of illnesses such as COVID-19.  …more…

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