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Make Annual Exams a Priority

If you’re like many people, you’ve neglected to schedule an annual exam or two for yourself or your children. Making and attending your appointment can seem like a hassle, but bear in mind that a checkup is one of the easiest things you can do to prevent illness and assure you live a long, healthy life. Checkups are the cornerstone of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

During your annual physical checkup, your care provider will examine and screen things like height and weight, vital signs and medical history, conduct a physical exam and recommend any vaccinations. By visiting your doctor early, you’ll have a better idea of what sort of care you might need to treat any concerns. With that in mind, you’ll be better able to plan out how to make the most of your insurance coverage throughout the year. Scheduling an annual physical exam can help you take advantage of insurance and Medicare incentives, since annual wellness visits are covered with Medicare.

In the earliest stages of life, bodies are at critical stages of development and children are more at risk for illnesses and more prone to accidents. One of the most important things annual checkups can provide are The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) – suggested vaccinations. Young children aged birth to three also need to be assessed for their development. Your provider will check your child from head to toe to ensure they are developing normally.

Children are more prone to illnesses and accidents, which is why regular well checks are so important for them.

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In addition to the physical aspect of checkups, having your child see their provider on a regular basis also promotes a good relationship between the two, leading to the best possible care in the future.

Like toddlers, elementary-aged kids are more susceptible to illnesses than older kids are. Children entering kindergarten need vaccinations and physical assessments that can help them succeed in school.

Because of their involvement in activities such as sports, regular checkups can keep your older child active, involved and healthy. Middle schoolers and teenagers will also need the physical exam to participate in school-sanctioned sports. But even if your child doesn’t participate in sports, exams are important for them to grow up as healthy as possible. Middle and high schoolers also need to follow a vaccination schedule to stay healthy.

Keeping your kids healthy and happy through their time in school is a top priority for any parent.

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For adults, there are several exams that can keep you healthy, including tests for blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. In addition, for women, pelvic exams and mammograms are paramount for long-term health.

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And there are other reasons to keep up with your exams:

  • Annual physicals allow your provider to refer to your baseline health and review any changes that have occurred over the last year and encourage healthy choices and lifestyle. Also, your physician can help you identify risk factors that could lead to future health problems and offer expert advice on how to manage them.
  • You can strengthen your relationship with your provider. People who get along with their providers are more likely to go see them, be honest with them and listen to their advice.
  • You can save money if your provider can detect a problem before it gets serious; you’ll save a lot of money on medical bills down the road.
  • Vaccinations are not only for children; they can help adults prevent disease and its consequences, such as missed work and future health care concerns.

Keeping yourself and your children healthy and happy should be a top priority. A simple visit to your provider can detect any issues – even if you don’t feel symptoms – and assesses your risk before anything becomes an issue.

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so make your appointment today. Yankton Medical Clinic, P.C., is here to provide you and your family with all your checkup needs. Make an appointment by calling: