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Pediatrician Pointers With Dr. Sara Pepper

Pediatrician, Sara Pepper, MD

Kids are home, now what? While you don’t need to occupy every moment of their day, as free play is a great outlet for imagination, kids will do better if they remain on some sort of schedule or routine.

  • Keep bedtime routine and morning routines similar to when school is in session (avoid staying up late, sleeping in).
  • Structure the day so there is time for learning, music, art, recess, and more. Without a set schedule, it may be hard to drag them away from Netfix or Disney+.

There are many companies who are waving fees and providing free educational resources geared towards children of different ages to allow learning to continue. I have gathered and a handful of such resources that I have come across. There are many, many more available. If you know of a great one, please share the link! And remember, self-isolation doesn’t mean you have to stay inside your home. Go for a nature walk or scavenger hunt outside, just be aware of others near you and maintain some distance.

Many local public libraries in our area are closed to in-building traffic, but staff may be available to help you get set up with online resources to allow readers to explore books from your home!  Check out your local library’s website and search for e-resources.  Many are hosting virtual storytime on Facebook, YouTube or their website.

Need ideas to get energy out indoors? Try these!

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