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Vaccine Safety: The Facts

Nothing’s more important to parents than the safety of their children. That’s why vaccines are so important.

You want to do what’s best for your child, but there’s so much misinformation floating around that you aren’t sure which research you can trust. And sometimes you might not know what questions to ask during a well check or annual visit. That’s why we’ve created a downloadable vaccine safety resource filled with vetted, high-quality medical information.

In this resource, “Vaccine Safety: The Facts” by Board-Certified Internal Medicine Dr. Dawn Larson, parents will discover:

  • The incontrovertible lifesaving power of vaccines
  • That there is no link between vaccines and autism
  • That nearly all vaccines are currently mercury-free
  • How to properly schedule your vaccines for maximum effectiveness and safety

Vaccines can prevent illness and keep your child healthy. Download this resource to get the facts on vaccines and vaccine safety!