It’s Time to Check-In on Your Check-Up: How to Resume Your Health Care

Your health is important. That’s why patients should begin returning to their normal scheduled visits as quickly as possible. Well-checks, annual visits, and other health care appointments are designed to detect and address problems as early as possible. And this is essential to your long term wellness.

The longer any health problem persists undetected, the greater your health care challenges could become.

If you’ve been putting off your medical needs, it’s not too late to kickstart your return to the doctor’s office. Check-in on your check-up at one of Yankton Medical Clinic’s four locations, where we’ve made your return easier, more convenient, and safer than ever.

The Benefit of Prioritizing Your Health

Your health is essential. And yet, over 41% of adults have delayed health care treatments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s understandable, but it’s important to remember that delaying essential health screenings can create its own risks. One poll found that 55% of those who delayed their medical screenings suffered serious consequences as a result.

At the Yankton Medical Clinic, we want to see patients return to routine screenings and appointments. That’s because:

  • Delaying medical treatment could cause significantly more severe outcomes. Delayed cancer screenings in children, for example, led to a higher mortality rate when those cases presented in a hospital setting.
  • Rates of breast, cervical, and colon cancer screenings plummeted during the pandemic–between 29%-36% lower than typical. Undoubtedly, then, some cancers have been missed. Early detection is essential to optimal outcomes.
  • Even small health issues, such as aches and pains that don’t go away, should be treated by your physician. You could save yourself considerable pain and discomfort by resuming health care appointments.
  • Many check-ins can be arranged via telehealth visits or phone calls. Even if you can’t visit the office in person, it’s still important to stay in communication with your doctors.
  • Annual wellness visits mean your physician can observe your long-term trendlines. Understanding your health over time can help you take the right preventative steps and improve your lifelong well-being.
  • Diagnostics and screenings can help give you peace of mind–so you can stop worrying about your health and start enjoying your life.

There are risks associated with delaying your health care needs. The best way to understand your health–and make sure you stay healthy–is to make sure your health care stays on track. There’s never been a better or safer time to make your health a priority and schedule the visit you need!

Making Your Healthcare Safe

We understand that patients are cautious regarding COVID-19. That’s why Yankton Medical Clinic has taken additional steps to ensure that you will feel safe when checking in for your check-up.

Some of our CDC-recommended COVID-19 precautions include:

  • Phone screenings for all patients before an appointment is scheduled.
  • Increased frequency of disinfection procedures.
  • PPE for staff, including adequate masking and face shields.
  • Mandated mask wearing for patients and staff at all of our clinics.
  • Socially distanced waiting rooms and reception areas.
  • E-visit and telehealth availability for patients who feel more comfortable with those options.

Patients looking for safety and peace of mind will find both at Yankton Medical Clinic’s four locations.

What Happens at an Annual Visit?

When it’s time to check-in on your check-up, the best place to start is often with an annual visit. These appointments are designed to check your vital statistics and address any general wellness concerns you may have. Annual visits can help create a baseline for your health screenings and detect problems early.

Everyone’s annual visit will look a little bit different, depending on your health, age, gender, and medical history. To help our patients better understand what they can expect during these visits, we have created downloadable resources designed to provide more specific information:

Yankton Medical Clinic Locations

Yankton Medical Clinic Locations

Yankton Medical Clinic offers patients access to four primary locations, serving different areas of South Dakota and northern Nebraska. We also work with providers to offer 14 Outreach locations throughout the greater South Dakota area.

Each location may not offer the same services, so be sure to check with your doctor before booking an appointment.

Our primary locations include:

Find more information about our locations, including the 14 outreach locations.

Find a Yankton Physician

Over 40 physicians provide care throughout the Yankton Medical Clinic system, from orthopedic surgeons to pediatricians. Most patients will have relationships with several YMC physicians in order to meet all of their health needs.

To find the right physician for your check-up, simply use our “Find a Physician” tool.


Get Your Healthcare Back On Track

Every patient will likely have a different reason why they may have delayed care. For many, COVID caused a significant interruption. Others may have experienced a change of health insurance or a job loss. What’s important, however, is that it’s time to check-in on your check-up.

All it takes is a simple phone call to get started. Contact our team at one of Yankton Medical Clinic’s four locations to schedule a safe, convenient annual visit today.