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Vermillion Medical Clinic Celebrates 30 Years

On Nov. 14, 2019, the Vermillion Medical Clinic held an open house to commemorate its 30th anniversary of providing health care in the Vermillion community.

The Vermillion Medical Clinic and its committed professionals have been integral to the expansion of accessible, comprehensive health care in the Vermillion community over the last 30 years.

The initial phases of the clinic as it is known today began with Dr. Harold Fletcher, who practiced family medicine at a clinic known as Vermillion Medical Clinic, P.C. In July 1977, Dr. William Dendinger, another family practice physician, began practicing there, joining Dr. Fletcher.

Over the next several years, various physicians and several different clinics came and left Vermillion. “The medical community needed stability–the ability to attract and retain additional physicians and new technology,” Dendinger explained.

Endeavoring to alleviate that issue, Dendinger and three other physicians joined together in 1983 to create Medical Associates, P.C. But six years later, in 1989, Dendinger would be the only shareholder of that entity remaining at the clinic, and, seeking clinic management advice and stability, helped facilitate the move to join the Yankton Medical Clinic.

“The Vermillion community immediately welcomed the new health care systems and soon began to see additions and improvements to health care,” Dendinger said.

Additionally, Vermillion-area patients saw better retention of primary care physicians and specialists.

“Prior to 1989, very few outreach specialty physicians traveled to Vermillion,” Dendinger said, “but since that time, new facilities have been built for the Vermillion Medical Clinic, the Sanford Health- Vermillion Clinic and the Olson Medical Clinic, creating space for additional physicians and advances in technology.”

With the expanded facilities, new technologies, more primary care and outreach specialty physicians, providers have been able to offer the residents of Vermillion and surrounding area a broader range of health care services than ever before.

Since 2012, the technological advances at the clinic have added the capability to administer 2-D mammography, digital X-rays and ultrasound; implement electronic medical records for ease of sharing records and continuity of care with other providers; and allow patients to instantly access records and medications and to request appointments or message providers online through the clinic’s Patient Portal.

Becky McManus is chief operating officer of the Yankton and Vermillion Medical Clinics and spent seven years at the Vermillion location. “We are committed to those we serve,” she said. “In addition to our technological advances, we’re proud to offer quick access to a wide variety of specialists and a full lab, as well as compassionate and courteous staff members.”

As health care providers now recommend a broader range of health care services–health screenings, developmental evaluations, vascular disease and cancer screenings, an increased number of vaccinations –the Vermillion Medical Clinic makes these and many other health care advances available for all age ranges.

On staff currently at the Vermillion Medical Clinic are two board-certified family physicians, one board-certified pediatrician and two physician assistants. Outreach physicians bring a broad range of services to the community, including dermatology, rheumatology, nephrology, obstetrics and gynecology, pulmonary medicine, general surgery, urology and orthopedic surgery. These providers are also on the clinical faculty of the University of South Dakota School of Medicine, teaching either medical students or physician assistant students.

The Vermillion Medical Clinic offers 10 visiting specialists on a regular rotation covering these specialties:

“We will continue to provide our community with the specialists they need in order to improve health and well-being,” McManus said. “The longevity of our providers allows us to build relationships with our patients and their families. We pride ourselves on providing timely, compassionate and quality health care.”

Dendinger, like McManus, is also optimistic about Vermillion’s health care future. “I look forward to continuing commitment to the growth and development of the future of health care in Vermillion,” he said.

The Vermillion Medical Clinic offers regular clinic hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, with convenient care hours 5 -9 p.m. during the week. Vermillion Medical Clinic accepts many health care insurance companies. Visit the Vermillion location page for more information.