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Yankton Medical Clinic Audiologist Attends Convention in Arizona

Audiologist Jason R. Howe, MS, FAAA, CCC-A, of the Yankton Medical Clinic, PC recently attended the American Auditory Society Scientific and Technical Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ. This meeting is designed for audiologists, neurologists, neurotologists, otolaryngologists, oto-neurologists, scientists and students in these respected areas interested in hearing, hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, and hearing aids.

Topics included use of sentential context during recognition of spectrally degraded speech; perception of emotional prosody by listeners with hearing loss and cochlear implants; over-the-counter hearing aids benefits and limitations; working toward a clinical test battery for cochlear synaptopathy; optical and electrical studies of a new generation auditory brainstem implant; denial of hearing loss predicts hearing aid success, not degree of hearing loss; bimodal neuromodulation treatment for tinnitus; aging and cognitive health in elders with hearing loss; emotional recognition: impaired by hearing loss, improved by hearing aids; expectations of over-the-counter hearing aids: how do we educate the gullible consumer?; extended high-frequency hearing contributes to speech perception in noise; epigenetics of the auditory system: implications for hearing and deafness; rechargeable hearing aids: possibilities and pitfalls; theoretical and translational approach to the study of hidden hearing loss in humans; protective factor of exercise for progressive hearing loss; preferred compression speeds in hearing aids by patients with good working memory and poor working memory; improvement in recording vestibular evoked myogenic potentials, and peripheral auditory aging in humans starts at 20 years of age.

Howe offers audiology evaluations and services for pediatric through adult patients. Appointments may be scheduled at Yankton Medical Clinic, P.C. by calling (605) 664-2742 or the Vermillion Medical Clinic by calling (605) 624-8643.