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Heart Healthy Lifestyles

Tim Irwin, M.D., FACC  |  Cardiology

A heart healthy lifestyle is important for staying healthy, and it begins with eating well and exercising every day.

Reduce Risk for Stroke

Daniel J. Megard, M.D., FACP  |  Cardiology

There are warning signs of a potential stroke, and there are things you can do to prevent one from happening.

The Mediterranean Diet: Healthy Eating for Preventing Cardiovascular Disease

Will C. Hurley, M.D., FACC, FACP  |  Cardiology

The Mediterranean diet has become popular for helping prevent cardiovascular disease. Here’s what you should know.

Don’t Self-Evaluate Chest Pain, Get to the ER.

Will C. Hurley, M.D., FACC, FACP  |  Cardiology

Chest pain or tightness might be nothing, but there’s a high chance it’s something. Going to the ER is your safest bet.

It’s Time To Check-In On Your Annual Check-Up!

Schedules are filling up fast! Call today or use the patient portal to schedule your annual physical.

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