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I would like to thank Carmen and the staff at the pharmacy for helping get all my prescriptions filled.  you went above and beyond to help me and my husband.  We are truly grateful for your quick response.

Somer B.

I went shopping after the sinus procedure and had no recovery problems!  It feels so good to be able to take big deep breaths and smell things again!

Cindy W.

“The nurse working at the North entrance was very, very personable and kind.  It was a nice way to enter the clinic under the current environment.  He was outstanding.

Adam M.

I learned so much today from Dr. Nielsen, and that really means a lot to a new patient dealing with something as concerning as what I was diagnosed with. I feel so much more confident than what I was coming into see him. He is a great doctor to have here in Yankton.

Jean F.

Dr. Frank takes the time to listen to my concerns and always asks my feedback about his decisions. Yankton Medical Clinic is very lucky to have such an excellent and knowledgeable internal medicine physician.

Amanda S.

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