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Why Annual Check-Ups are Important

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Gradually, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, life is starting to return to normal. Businesses that have been closed are opening their doors once again.

Still, you may be reluctant to go out after getting used to staying at home, taking every precaution possible to avoid unnecessary exposure to the virus.

At Yankton Medical Clinic we understand your concerns completely and, when it comes to being cautious during these unusual times, are in total agreement. That’s why we’re taking all steps necessary to ensure our patients and visitors are safe when they come to our office and are continuing to encourage them to keep their scheduled appointments.


The Importance of Keeping Your Appointments

Getting your annual checkup is important, even – and perhaps especially – during the somewhat crazy year of 2020. If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that staying healthy really is important and that advice from friends and family like “Take care of your health!” shouldn’t be dismissed as a tired adage.

We implied above that keeping your appointment is being cautious about your health, and that’s the truth: doctor’s visits keep us informed about the state of our bodies, giving trained professionals a chance to nip any developing problems in the bud before they have the time and space to become more serious. The practice of screening for problems and recognizing them as quickly as possible is referred to as preventative healthcare and it’s something we are passionate about at Yankton Medical Clinic.

Why? Because it gets results, saving time, pain, and, in some cases, lives. We’re sure you know someone, or at least know of someone, who became aware of a problem such as cancer late along and, as a result, their prognosis was not as positive, and their treatment options were more limited. This is exactly the kind of situation preventative healthcare aims to avoid.

Vaccines, which provide immunities against certain diseases, are another important component of preventative healthcare along with regular check-ups. There’s no need for your child to contract the mumps, for example, when a quick doctor’s visit and a simple shot can prevent it.


Children are more prone to illnesses and accidents, which is why regular well checks are so important for them.

Learn when to schedule appointments for your child!



Steps We’re Taking to Keep You Safe

In spite of all the reasons why getting check-ups is important, you may be hesitant to keep your appointment due to coronavirus. However, the truth is that, during this time, there are few places safer than a health clinic such as ours.

One thing you’ll notice upon coming in is that all of our staff are wearing masks, in accordance with CDC guidelines. For your own safety and for that of everyone in the building, we ask that you bring and wear a cloth face mask when coming to visit us.

Additionally, before you are permitted inside, we will take your temperature and you’ll be asked a few standard screening questions. In this way, we make sure people who are experiencing – or who have been in contact with those experiencing – symptoms of Covid-19 are not able to pose a risk to anyone inside the building.

We’ve also opened up a second registration station so that people maintain a six-foot distance when being admitted. In the same vein, chairs in our waiting area have roped off. We encourage patients and visitors to maintain at least a six-foot distance from one another while visiting. It’s important we do everything possible to create a safe environment. Read more about what to expect at our clinics here.


Schedule Your Annual Visit Today!

As we’ve seen, getting regular check-ups is important so we encourage you to keep your appointment. If you canceled your previously scheduled appointment feel free to give us a call and reschedule. If you like, our staff will be happy to go into more detail regarding our safety measures in order to give you peace of mind.

It’s Time to Take Care of You!

Read our Annual Exams for Women or Annual Exams for Men resources for helpful information.

Regarding your overall health, however, paying us a visit and having a thorough examination done is the best way to get peace of mind! We’re here for you.

Call Yankton Medical Clinic, P.C. at 605-665-7841, Norfolk at 402-316-4606, or Vermillion Medical Clinic at 605-624-8643 to schedule your appointment today!